VyprVPN Review

All around the world, people are starting to realize that it’s up to them to ensure that their activity online is both uncensored and unmonitored. Third parties have an interest in your online activities, and some even attempt to control what content you have access to.


Virtual Private Networks provide a wide variety of services, appealing to most internet users in one way or another. NORD VPN is an affordable and secure option for those interested in protecting themselves online. There are many reasons to consider using a VPN to secure your online presence.


As more and more individuals are discovering that their internet activity is being constantly monitored by third parties, the prevalence of Virtual Private Networks is growing around the world. VPNs provide a wide variety of services, appealing to privacy enthusiasts and content consumers alike. ExpressVPN, “the world’s fastest VPN,” offers users security and privacy in the information age, providing the freedom and peace of mind to browse the internet safely.

eBlocker Pro

With how much of our data is collected on the internet these days, it’s only natural that products and services will come about that help us stay safe online. eBlocker is the modern consumer’s all-encompassing answer to online privacy, providing an anonymous and ad-free internet experience.


Cyber-security company IoT Defense has recognized a lack of protection for consumer devices and has formulated a hardware based solution, RATtrap.

RATtrap is a compact and efficient smart firewall for the modern smart home. It is intended to be an “out of sight, out of mind” type of online protection. Once plugged into your network, RATtrap protects all your internet connected devices from malicious hackers looking to gain access to your devices, data, and generally just breach your privacy.

Bitdefender BOX

Every day, more and more consumer appliances feature internet capability straight out of the box, so the need for a centralized security system for the home has never been greater. Bitdefender’s BOX is an elegant home solution for protecting every device in your personal network, from smartphone to smartcar.


The Internet can be a dangerous place for you and your devices. From hackers trying to steal your valuable personal information to trackers snooping on your online behaviors, venturing into the world wide web without ample protection can be a treacherous endeavor. Meet Keezel, a portable smart firewall that will keep you safe both on the go and at home.