Cerebral Review

Cerebral is a digital platform that claims to give people a way to find help with specific mental health issues. One of the main reasons behind the website and companion app being made is to open up the world of mental health to more people. It is often said that the main reason people don’t end up seeking help for their mental health is shame or stigma, and having an online resource allows them to get around that initial feeling of worry.

Neuriva Review

Neuriva is a supplement created by Schiff corporation intended to boost brain health by focusing on improving learning, memory, focus, reasoning, accuracy, and concentration. Neuriva only contains two ingredients. First, plant-sourced Phosphatidylserine, which comes from cell membranes and increases memory and learning capabilities. Second, neuriva contains a neurofactor that is intended to increase levels of BDNF.

Ritual Vitamins Review

Ritual Vitamins is a Los Angeles based supplement brand that offers consumers subscription vitamins, nutrients, and protein. While you can not purchase products without a subscription, the company aims to encourage habit creation and ensure that people take the supplements that will improve their health.

Huel Complete Food Review

Huel is a nutrition company that sells meal replacement shakes, powders, and other food items. Their nutritionally complete meals are easily mixable with water and intend to keep you full for hours while making sure your body gets vital nutrients and minerals. Huel was named to imply “Human + Fuel”, as an attribution to their powerful, nutritious, products.

SkinnyFit Review

SkinnyFit is a brand that makes powders and other products for health and wellness shoppers. You’ll find dozens of teas that detox your body of impurities and supplements you can use before and after workouts. Omar Imani and his brother Anwar Husain launched Smashtech in 2015 in California.

Chirp Wheel Review

The Chirp Wheel has a small and obvious footprint that allows you to use it while laying on the floor to begin the process. The wheel is meant to put pressure on different muscle groups to reduce pain, discomfort.

Olly Vitamins Review

Olly was founded in 2014 by Eric Ryan when he realized that consumers were having difficulty choosing vitamins for their specific health needs. Rather than labeling his vitamins B12, C, D, etc”, Ryan decided to create options that told consumers what the vitamins did for them, such as better sleep, higher libido, women’s health, energy, or mood boosters.

STOX Energy Socks Review

Do you love playing outside and having fun but hate the way your feet and legs feel at the end of the day? If so, the Compression socks might be the solution you’re looking for. STOX is a company that wants to help you with that pain and inflammation with compression socks that anyone can wear.

Neck Hammock Review

The Neck Hammock is a product designed to end any neck pain that you have. It is easy to use and brought relief to millions of customers. As long as you can get flat on your back and have a spot to attach the hammock to a wall, you can use it in your home.

UMZU zuPOO Review

The ZuPOO Colon Cleanse & Gut Support claims to flush your gut and intestines of waste buildup. UMZU claims that there can be up to 5-20lbs of poop in your body, and a cleanse can help with weight loss.