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Agriculture is one of the most important industries in a country’s economy and in fact in the world. With the gradual rise of world population, countries that will produce enough food to feed their population and to export will have one of the most important resources akin to oil today.

Ultra-Small RFID Chip Designed for Brand Protection

Designed to track small consumer goods through the entire supply chain journey, the RAIN RFID Tag solves one of the major problems in inventory control: product traceability. The Murata RFID Tag is capable of attaching to some of the smallest consumer technology goods – making lost shipments and misplaced inventory a thing of the past. Ideal for small items that are notoriously lost in the FIFO inventory process, the Murata RAIN RFID Tag is both a chip and an antenna capable of fastening itself on some of the most challenging healthcare and wearable devices.

The Plus+ Modular Furniture System by Richard Price

Introducing the Plus+ Modular Furniture System. Designed to maximize living space in smaller rooms, the Plus+ is a modular desk unit perfect for anyone looking for creative ways to configure their furniture. The best part: you won’t have to sacrifice aesthetics or material quality. The Plus+ is a modern, yet durable configurations that easily transforms from a desk with three shelves, to a desk with a full-length mirror and three shelves, to a desk with an armoire, to a desk with three shelves and a space-saving seating area.