I’ll start off being completely honest; the ZEROi bone conduction hat doesn’t seem great. While I don’t doubt that the product works, I don’t see why the average consumer would invest in a hat like this when they can get a good set of bluetooth headphones and a regular baseball cap for way less than the $129 asking price. No matter how good the technology is, the ZEROi will always be competing with the standard hat and headphones combo.

Bone Conduction Ring Turns Your Finger into a Smartphone

Equipped with noise-cancelling microphones, the Orii ring is not just a cool way to answer your phone – it allows you to talk in loud places while keeping your conversations private. It looks like you’re a member of the secret service even though you may just be talking to your Mom. As with most smart devices, they usually accompany an intuitive app that makes the technology all the more impressive. The Orii app is no exception. Users can set different colored LEDs depending upon the incoming notification or by an individual on your contact list.

Marlin Swim Meter

Whether you’re a triathlete attempting to shave off time during the swim portion of your next event or a recreational swimmer trying to stay fit at the local lap pool, Platysens Marlin swim meter is designed to improve performance. It does this through voice feedback using the latest bone conductor headset technology.