8 Helpful Apps for Students

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  • February 08,2019
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Education is definitely one of the most important things in life; no one can really refute that. In fact, education is crucial in one’s life to progress and achieve goals. But, after some time studying can get a little boring, don’t you agree?


We have modern technology to thank for making students’ lives easier and simpler by giving them hordes of apps that integrate studies with fun and technicalities with easy to understand concepts. These apps make it easy for students to cope with everyday tasks and thereby, shorten and optimise their learning time.


So, there’s a plethora of apps and tools that satisfy practically every educational need. Let’s say you need to learn new words for your Spanish class – there are many apps helping to memorize new words with flash cards or different pneumonic methods; let’s say you don’t want to pay for essays and want to do everything on your own – there are apps that help research, write, outline an essay or make a reference list that many students struggle with; let’s say you struggle coming up with ideas for your art projects – you can surely find numerous apps that will wake your creativity very fast. This list can go on and on.


Here, we came up with the 8 best apps that will help in de-cluttering and make your life a bit simpler.

1.  Maths Alarm Clock

Are you among those who keep hitting the snooze button of your alarm clock every morning? Well, if yes, then this app is designed just for you. The app prevents you from hitting the snooze button over and over by presenting a math problem for you to solve in order to turn your alarm off. Fun, isn’t it? We say what an idea.


Solving a math problem or two early in the morning wakes you, but and your mind up for sure. It keeps your mind active throughout the day, as well. Your mind is prepared to learn. No more snoozing and no more being late for classes.

2.  SelfControl

Today is the world of social media and it is effectively distracting students from fully concentrating on studies. Imagine a student sitting down to study and there is a Facebook notification or their friend pings them on Instagram – their concentration is broken this very moment.


SelfControl is the app that blocks all the social media notifications for a specific period of time helping students to concentrate on studies and the work related to studies without the hassle of constantly having to check their phones.

3.  myHomework Student Planner

Having a schedule makes a student’s life more organized. Here is an app designed to do just that – plan and schedule. Here, you can keep your homework and classes schedule. The app allows you to further sub-type the homework such as lab, test, project, study, exam and such and also, allows you to set priorities depending on the submission dates.


The app allows a cross-platform synchronization, wherein, you can access data from various places simultaneously. It allows you to view your work in a tabular format making it easy to asses if all your work is done or not.

4.  OneNote

OneNote is available both on desktop and smartphones allowing you to access a note from any device you are using. The app is both Android and iOS compatible and helps you take down notes anywhere.

You can not only take down notes using the app but also classify them according to the subject. The notes can be in text, pictures, images, voice recordings, and drawings using a stylus or your fingers. Additionally, you can find the exact note you are looking for using the note name you have saved it with.

5.  Babylon

Students preparing to study abroad sometimes need to learn the language of the country they are trying to move to. Babylon is the perfect language learning app for them. It has an excellent online translator for over 75 languages allowing you to solve any problem of understanding a new word or its meaning. The app is a must try for anyone eager to learn and master a new language.

6.  GoConqr

The GoConqr app is for everyone who wants to study, teach or work. The app comes with many special features that allow you to create a mind map, slide sets, flashcards, and quizzes for you and your friends. There are many groups within the app that help you connect with students of similar interests. The members of the group can teach one another.

7.  GeoGebra Graphing Calculator

Math is not everybody’s friend and there are many, including me, who are afraid of Geometry. Plotting graphs using the equations seems like rocket science. There are many ways to check and cross-verify the answers but they can be difficult and time-consuming. GeoGebra Graphing Calculator is the answer to all these problems.


All you need to do is enter the equation and the graph will be presented to you within seconds. The equations can have absolute or exponential values. The app allows you to draw the graph using your fingers and also, using certain tools provided within the app.

8.  Office Lens

Taking down notes might seem like a daunting task sometimes. Especially if you missed a few classes and need to write notes down from your friend’s notebook. The easy way out is taking pictures. But, at a later date, all these pictures will become confusing. Solution? Office Lens.


Office Lens is designed to take pictures, similar to your smartphone camera, but with a difference. It is made to take pictures of documents. It doesn’t really matter the angle in which you take the picture, the result will be awesome. Along with taking pictures, you can also organize them and create a PDF of all your documents within the app.


Here, we have brought you 8 of the best apps to make your life easier and learning more fun. Go ahead and try them out today and tell us what you think.